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Matilda's Natural Newborn Baby Photo Shoot, Romford

This is one of my favourite newborn sessions ever! Matilda is just a perfect little bundle! She was amazing during the session and slept the whole time. She was just 7 days old and it was an absolute pleasure to document such a special family photo shoot.

Here are some beautiful and kind words from Matilda's Mum, Charlotte about her natural newborn photography session with me:

"I loved how relaxed it was and I loved that it was at our home! This is my first baby and it just took me forever to get her ready let alone myself! I hadn't even let friends round at this point so I was so nervous about having you come to the house! I was really worried about the session and how I'd manage to time the feeding etc to make sure she was settled for the photos. I appreciated how patient you were with me and you didn't make me feel rushed. It was very relaxed and I'm so glad that we got those precious newborn photos as she's changed so much! I loved that you came to our house, a few friends have had newborn sessions at studios and in that first week I just wasn't ready to leave the house, I'm so so grateful that you came to us!

You have a lovely calm and relaxed style. I think that anyone with a newborn baby would appreciate that you photograph the baby at home, it just takes so much pressure off of the couple as leaving the house with a newborn isn't easy! Everyone who has seen our thank you cards comments on how beautiful they are and we've even had a few people cry when they open them!

I wish I'd found you before I got married because all of your photos are so beautiful!"

Here are some of my favourite photographs from this natural photo shoot at home...

newborn baby holding dads finger

dad holding newborn baby - natural newborn photography

newborn baby on dads lap

newborn baby smiling - natural newborn photography

newborn baby in mums arms

newborn baby photo shoot at home

mum and dad with newborn baby - natural newborn photography

baby girl smiling

tiny newborn baby laying on white bed

baby girl sleeping on bed - natural newborn photography

close up photo of baby's face

mum and dad laying on bed with newborn baby

mum holding newborn baby in front of window - natural newborn photography

mum and dad with newborn baby - natural newborn photography

newborn baby laying on white bed at home

newborn baby sleeping naturally


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