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Newborn Baby Photos in Brentwood, Essex


Newborn baby photos in Brentwood, Essex

Oh look at this cute little bundle! I’m so pleased to have Baby Lennie (and his wonderful family) on my blog today.

I photographed him when he was just a week old and had already captured so many hearts, including his big sister Aubrie’s. She had just turned 4 and was so excited to tell me all about her new baby brother. What a proud sister!

I first photographed Aubrie when she was the same age as Lennie - she was fascinated to hear all about that - and it was lovely to see the family again and meet their new addition.

Relaxed and natural newborn photography

There’s nothing like those early days with a newborn, they pass by in a blur and your baby grows and changes in the blink of an eye. That tiny, squidgy bundle quickly turns into an energetic toddler! Capturing that time is so precious and families (especially big sisters like Aubrie!) love looking back at their photographs over the years.

I keep my newborn photography sessions very gentle and relaxed, completely led by you and baby. I use natural light and composition to create timeless, classic photos of this utterly unique, and oh so wonderful, time in your lives. I just love capturing all the little details - the curl of Lennie’s fists, his teeny toes and that perfect pout!

During the shoot I will always get the whole family in front of my camera, even if it’s just for a few photographs. I love the photos of Joanna and Richard with Aubrie and Lennie. My photography is all about capturing the unique character of everyone, your connection and those family dynamics! Aubrie is so sweet and funny with a lovely dash of cheekiness, at first she was a little shy but she warmed up quickly and was in her element during the family photos.























At home newborn photography

By keeping the shoot natural and with minimal posing I’m able to capture a slice of family life, a real moment in time. When a newborn arrives they bring a wonderful change to your family. Two become three, three become four, only children become siblings. It’s a real honour to see those moments between siblings especially. To capture the awe in their eyes as they gaze down at the new baby, to know that there will be so many adventures to be had together!

All my newborn shoots take place in your home, where you’re completely comfortable and everything you might need is to hand. There are no worries about leaving the house on time - always a difficult task with a baby! It also means that both you and your newborn are in the environment that you know best. I always tell parents not to worry about pausing the shoot at any point, to change or feed baby, just to give them a moment or have a little cuddle! Lennie was so content to snooze whilst I unobtrusively photographed him, only waking up a few times to settle in his Mum’s arms.

If you’d like to find out more about my newborn shoots please get in touch. I recommend that they take place within two - three weeks of birth so I’d always advise families to book their date in sooner rather than later.


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