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Lifestyle Newborn Photography - Sienna

Lifestyle Newborn Photography at Home

I was so excited to meet the gorgeous Sienna for her lifestyle newborn photography session in November. Mum and Dad, Sarah and Dan wanted a really natural photography session at home focusing on their beautiful new baby girl. It was so lovely meeting them all and Sienna was an absolute angel throughout. I am so in love with her full head of hair!

The great thing about these newborn photography lifestyle sessions is that it doesn't matter too much if the baby is awake or asleep. It can work both ways and you will still end up with a beautiful selection of images of your perfect newborn baby at the end of it no matter how your little one is during the session. Sienna was awake for some of her session and asleep for a bit of it too. The main thing is that the baby is happy and comfortable throughout, which is always my first priority.

Here are some lovely words from Mummy Sarah herself:

"We loved how good Danielle was with our little one. When she was being a bit fussy, Danielle was calm and never pressured us to rush whilst we fed our daughter who was only 2 weeks old at the time. We felt really at ease with Danielle in our home. She is friendly but professional and is great at what she does. All the photos were lovely and it was so hard to choose which ones we wanted to keep at the end! We loved all the intimate little touches she made to the final products and would definitely use her again if we are looking for a photographer. We thought the service was great and loved the fact that you came to our home for the shoot, as we felt we wouldn’t of been ready to venture far at the early stages of parenthood!

We just wanted to say a big thank you again for all the lovely photos of our precious little Sienna!"

mum and dad with new baby girl

mum and dad kissing holding baby girl

muma nd dad holding newborn baby daughter - newborn photography Romford

um golding newborn baby's head in head

newborn baby girl lying on bed in pink baby grow

baby girl with white bow on head - newborn lifestyle photography

newborn baby girl laying in cot - romford newborn photography

close up of mum and dad holding baby girl

baby girl in mum and dad's arms

newborn baby girl looking confused

baby girl smiling - newborn photography

baby girl with eyes open - newborn photography romford

baby girl laying in cot

mum and dad looking over newborn in cot

mum smiling at her newborn baby - romford photographer

dad holding his newborn baby


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