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Amelie's First Birthday Photo Shoot at Home, Essex

First Birthday Photo Shoot at Home

Amelie's Mum Zoe wanted to remember and celebrate her baby's first birthday milestone with a natural in-home photography shoot. Amelie was a little darling and seemed to enjoy every second! She was an absolute treasure to work with and has a real cheeky character. The first year is such a great age for this style of photo shoot at home. I was able to capture Amelie's little personality so well and she enjoyed being able to play and laugh while I took natural and informal photographs of her, in her own environment.

These photographs were taken with natural light from the windows in the master and guest bedrooms. It's such a simple set up but it really is the best way to capture those cheeky first birthday personalities. Having the photo shoot at your home makes it so much more personal to you as well. Zoe mentioned that they are thinking of moving house soon so it's such a nice way to capture and remember some of your memories in baby's first home before you move on to a new chapter in your lives.

Thank you Zoe for choosing Danielle Smith Photography and for inviting me into your home to help celebrate your little girls first birthday.

I have photographed quite a few first birthday celebrations recently and I really love them. It's such a cute age to remember and cherish with photographs. If you haven't seen it already it's definitely worth checking out Ivy's first birthday photo shoot at home too. If you're thinking of having a first birthday photograph session at your home too, get in touch to find out my availability via my contact form.

Here are just a few of my favourite photographs from Amelie's first birthday photo shoot at home.

How cute is little girl?! Seriously, I can't get enough of her cheeky, adorable little face!

toddler smiling - first birthday photo shoot

baby girl sitting on bed smiling - first birthday photo shoot

baby girl with first birthday crown

little girl crawling on bed

little girl with bow on head - first birthday photo shoot

toddler sitting on bed

little girl smiling

mum with her toddler daughter

little girl doing head stand - first birthday photo shoot

first birthday photo shoot - toddler sitting on bed

close up of girls face - first birthday photo shoot

little girl crawling and smiling


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