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First Birthday Family Photo Shoot at Home - Ivy

First Birthday Photo Shoot at Home

I absolutely LOVED this session! First birthday photo shoots are always fun but I loved the authenticity of this one because I got to photograph Ivy actually opening her birthday present. She then had a whale of a time playing with her brand new ball pool while I documented this special time with her Mum and Dad by her side. I would highly recommend this idea to all families wanting a photo shoot for their baby's first birthday - it's such a great way to get natural photographs of them and the family altogether, doing something so special and truly enjoyable.

Afterwards, we prepared for the cake smash photo shoot. The great thing about having a cake smash session at your home is that we have the opportunity to capture both some natural family photos around the home as well as the cake smash set up. So after the family photos are finished, I set up my backdrop and floor drop and add any decorations you like. Once we are ready, we can begin the first birthday cake chaos! haha

All babies are different and some love to dive straight in and get completely covered in it. Others are a little more delicate and are very gentle when picking pieces off the cake. Some will sit for ages loving the freedom and quietly wondering why Mum isn't stopping them from creating such carnage?! Some have a shorter attention span and lose interest in the cake quickly, when they realise they can crawl off the set and find other mischief to get up to! It's so nice to see each and every little personality I get to meet and document it for their parents, because before they know it, their little baby will be walking, talking and very quickly growing up.

Check out some of my favourite photos from Ivy's first birthday photo shoot here...

first birthday family photography at home

mum, dad and baby girl on her first birthday

baby opening her first birthday presents with mum and dad

girl playing with ball pool with mum and dad

baby girl playing in her ball pool

mother and daughter on baby's first birthday

baby girl having fun splashing in her ball pool

little girl on first birthday with ball pool

girl with first birthday balloon

first birthday fun at home

baby girl first birthday family photo shoot at home

little girl standing in ball pool

girl laying in ball pool - first birthday photos

little girl having fun on her first birthday photo shoot

mum and dad with daughter on first birthday

mother and baby laughing in the garden

mum holding baby girl in garden - first birthday photos

first birthday cake smash photography in essex

first birthday cake smash photo session girl laughing

girl eating cake for cake smash session


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