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Ellie and Glenn's Spring Wedding in Essex

This gorgeous Spring wedding in Essex kicked off at Ellie's home in Hornchurch, where she and her bridesmaids were getting ready. Ellie and Glenn went for a soft pink colour theme which complimented the season perfectly. I love the detailing on the bridesmaids dresses!

Ellie met her groom, Glenn at St Andrews Church in Hornchurch wheres their guests watched them tie the knot. Ellie's face as she is walking back down the aisle hand in hand, with her new husband is absolutely priceless and one of my favourite wedding photographs of the whole year. It holds so much emotion and completely portrays her joy in a way that words never could. For me, this is what I live for and I'm so glad I was able to witness and capture this for this awesome couple.

After the ceremony, Ellie and Glenn enjoyed their evening wedding reception at Ye Olde Plough Hose in Bulphan, Essex - a gorgeous barn wedding venue with gardens.

I absolutely loved photographing this Spring wedding at Ye Old Plough as the grounds were covered in blossom trees which are absolutely stunning this time of year. It was a beautifully hot Spring day and the perfect setting for a barn and garden wedding.

I loved how chilled this spring wedding was! Everyone was so friendly and genuinely had the best time celebrating the wedding of Ellie and Glenn. It was love and laughter filled with sunshine and blossom and it was perfect!

Here are a few of my favourite photographs from the day...

ellie glenn 1.jpg

ellie glenn 44.jpg

ellie glenn 45.jpg

ellie glenn 2.jpg

ellie glenn 3.jpg

ellie glenn 4.jpg

ellie glenn 5.jpg

ellie glenn 6.jpg

ellie glenn 7.jpg

ellie glenn 8.jpg

ellie glenn 9.jpg

ellie glenn 10.jpg

ellie glenn 11.jpg

ellie glenn 12.jpg

ellie glenn 13.jpg

ellie glenn 14.jpg

ellie glenn 16.jpg

ellie glenn 17.jpg

ellie glenn 18.jpg

ellie glenn 19.jpg

ellie glenn 20.jpg

ellie glenn 21.jpg

ellie glenn 22.jpg

ellie glenn 23.jpg

ellie glenn 24.jpg

ellie glenn 26.jpg

ellie glenn 27.jpg

ellie glenn 28.jpg

ellie glenn 29.jpg

ellie glenn 30.jpg

ellie glenn 31.jpg

ellie glenn 32.jpg

ellie glenn 33.jpg

ellie glenn 34.jpg

ellie glenn 35.jpg

ellie glenn 36.jpg

ellie glenn 37.jpg

ellie glenn 38.jpg

ellie glenn 40.jpg

ellie glenn 41.jpg

ellie glenn 42.jpg

ellie glenn 43.jpg

Bridal Boutique- Bride and Groom

Hair Stylist- Hannah Goldfinch

Florist- Elm Park Florists

Check out some other gorgeous Spring wedding inspiration here. And if you're looking for your Olde Plough House barn wedding photographer, I'd love to hear from you. Drop me an email to get in touch and tell me all about your barn wedding.


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