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What if it rains on my wedding day?

What to do if it rains on your Wedding Day

This is a question that I get asked all the time! What do we do if it rains on the wedding day? Being in the UK, this is always a risk unfortunately! Haha but don't worry. Even rain isn't going to spoil your big day. I have put together a few tips and ideas to think about if it is forecast to rain on your wedding day.

I have photographed a LOT of weddings and there has been many rainy ones so I am more than prepared for this. I keep an eye on the weather and forecast throughout the day if it is due to shower so that we can plan your day around it and hopefully still be able to go outside and get some lovely photos during a dry spell. It's all about time management!

wedding photo with umbrella

Wait for a dry spell between showers

If the showers hold off we can nip outside for 15-20 minutes (taking umbrellas with us just in case!) to capture some bride and groom portraits of the two of you. This may be the only opportunity you get to have some photographs of the two of you in the grounds of your beautiful wedding venue so I would 100% recommend it during a dry spell. You never know how long it will be dry for, so make the most of this opportunity!

This photo was taken in-between showers on this stormy day in June

This photo was taken in-between showers on this stormy day in June

rainy wedding day welcome sign


If not, EMBRACE the rain! Grab an umbrella and get out there. This is the one day that you will have to get these natural photographs on your wedding day so don't let the weather stop you. It's all part of your wedding story and it's unique to you. You can get some AMAZING photos in the rain! And if we have umbrellas, you shouldn't get too damp. It's so worth it. If you guys are up for it, I am up for it :) It's completely up to you and if you'd rather not risk getting wet, I completely understand!

rainy wedding photo with umbrella

wedding guests pn rainy day with umbrellas

If its drizzling, we could even use the umbrellas, take them away for a quick shot, then pop the umbrella back over you again to keep you as sheltered as possible. This photo below was taken like this!

wedding photo in the rain

Take shelter from the rain

I will have a look around your venue and see if there is an area that we could use for photographs that is sheltered from the rain. usually a big tree, or an open barn works well so that you still have beautiful daylight but keep as dry as possible!

bride and groom under tree in rain

groomsmen sheltering from rain

Indoor Photos

If it's super wet and we can't get outside during the reception, I can scout out some nice spots inside your venue/church for some couple portraits of the two of you. Light is key, so I will often use natural window/door light for these.

This photo was taken inside the wedding venue making use of the natural light from the window.

This photo was taken inside the wedding venue making use of the natural light from the window.

Group photos can usually be captured indoors if it's raining. I will find the best spot for light and space for these.

Wait until after your wedding breakfast

If it's heavy rain throughout your drinks reception, you could always wait until after your dinner if it's due to stop/slow down or even pop out between courses to get some quick photos of the two of you. Daylight is key so it depends on the time of year and what time your wedding breakfast is to be served but during Spring and Summer this is usually possible, as the days are longer.

bride and groom on stormy wedding day

Trust me

I am used to working in these situations and I can always offer advice on your wedding day on your best options if the weather is proving to be wet. If you'd rather stay indoors and keep dry that is absolutely fine, but I always find that just a few outdoor shots work really well and my couples never regret taking a few minutes to do this if it is raining!

groomsmen playing garden games in the rain


Don't panic! This is the day you've planned for so long and have been looking forward to for probably over a year. Enjoy it! On the day, a bit of rain will not spoil a thing. Have a blast!

bride with white umbrella


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