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Wedding Photography on the Beach

Beach Wedding Photography

I'm so excited to finally share this amazing styled wedding shoot on the beach in Llangennith, Wales! It was THE most amazing magic created by Nicola Dixon from the Wild Ones Community and her crew of talented suppliers that took part to make it all come together so well.

I was so looking forward to capturing some wedding photography on the beach with Toni and Lewis Prothero- the gorgeous couple featured. It being early April last year, we were unsure what the weather was going to be like, but it ended up being the HOTTEST day of the year so far and I finished the day with a sunburnt head and absolute buzzing from all the amazing photos we managed to capture.

The style Nicola and the team were going for is boho beach wedding photography. The flowers by the incredibly talented Issy and Bella Floral Design are just insane! A combination of varying shades of pink and deep red create a really unique and vibrant look. They created Toni's beautiful boho flower crown as well as the unique circular backdrop piece and all the other floral prettiness you see here.

The wedding dresses and separates created by E&W Couture are just incredible. I love that their bridal dresses are unique and informal and comfortable! The detail and craftsmanship is so beautiful. What I would do to sport one of these!

The first outfit Toni worse is a 2 piece- top and skirt. The boho style crop top is made from guipure lace and has an open back with tassel ties. The pink dress is called 'Freya' and is a tulle gown with hand embellished gold appliques. It is perfect for a boho styled beach wedding. These dresses are made for the stylish and alternative bride and they have so many pretty pieces to choose from.

The styling was all put together by Couture Events in Hereford continuing the boho beach vibes. The table set up and decor was so beautiful.

Check out the beautiful wedding photography on the beach below…

bride in sand dunes wedding photography

boho bridal bouquet and wedding dress

Wedding Photography on the Beach- bride and groom

boho bride and groom with pink flower crown

pink bridal bouquet- boho bride

Wedding Photography on the Beach- bride and groom laughing

boho bride- wedding dress blowing in wind

boho bride with flower crown

Wedding Photography on the Beach- couple laughing

boho bride and groom

Wedding Photography on the Beach- table set up

beach style wedding decor

pink boho wedding flowers

beach style wedding decor with shells

beach style table decor for wedding

boho wedding flowers

beach wedding photography

wedding flowers for beach wedding

pink boho bride flower crown

boho bride on the beach

crochet wedding dress

bride and groom on sand dunes

bride and groom laughing at beach wedding

close up of bride and groom smiling

boho wedding on the beach

boho wedding flowers for beach wedding photography

groom at beach wedding

bride wearing flower crown at the beach

groom with long hair smiling

groom standing on the beach

bride wearing a pink flower crown

groom sitting on sand dunes

boho bride wearing pink wedding dress and flower crown

bride and groom walking through sand dunes at beach

Wedding Photography on the Beach

bride and groom walking on the beach

bride looking at camera with pink wedding dress

It looks like another country right? How is this even in the UK?! Llangennith beach is absolutely gorgeous and I would recommend a visit there to everyone.

groom giving bride piggy back on beach

bride and groom on windy beach

bride and groom walking on the beach

beach wedding photography

bride and groom having fun on the beach

beach wedding photography

bride and groom running on the beach together

Wedding Photography on the Beach

couple standing in the sea

groom lifting up the bride in the sea

bride holding her flower crown

OK are you planning your beach wedding yet?! Because this whole set up is absolute goals right?! Drop me an email via my contact form if you're planning your beach wedding and would be interested to hear more about UK or destination wedding photography with me.

I cannot waaait for this year's destination weddings that I have booked in and hopefully we can create some more insane beach wedding photography in other countries too!


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