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Pre-Wedding Photo Session, Havering-Atte-Bower

What is a pre-wedding photography session?

It's basically an engagement photo shoot - a couples photography session of the two of you being yourselves and enjoying some time together.

Why should we have a pre-wedding photography session?

The pre-wedding photo shoot is a great way for us to get to know each other better before your wedding day. We spend about an hour on location, chat about your wedding day plans and enjoy the time together. I get to know and understand you more as a couple, who’s cheeky, playful or reserved, and you can get a feel for how I work, giving you confidence and reassurance for the wedding day. This really helps our relationship when it comes to the big day because we will be more like friends, sharing the day and me blending into the background with your guests.

The shoot is very relaxed and natural. I allow you to be yourselves and can offer gentle direction and guidance when needed, to get the best out of you and your chosen location. It's important that we capture your true personalties!

What location do we photograph the pre-wedding shoot at?

The pre-wedding photography session can be at any location you like. I like to encourage couples to choose a location that is personal to them, that they love spending time together, or simply somewhere picturesque like the beach or forest or an urban landscape. Some couples love to have it at home and some choose the location they got engaged at because it's so special to them.

Overall we will have fun together and be prepared for your wedding day! It's a nice time for you to spend some time together too, in-between all the craziness of planning the wedding.

Jo and Dave chose a local spot nearby the church that they will marry in. They love to spend time there and often go for runs together through the woods so this is a special location for their pre-wedding photography session. With it's beautiful views and natural landscape I can understand why they love to spend time here, it is simply stunning!

Here are some of my favourite photographs from Jo and Dave's session...

<img src="" alt="couple sitting on bench with view behind - pre-wedding photography" />

couple sitting on bench with view behind - pre-wedding photography

<img src="" alt="couple walking through trees" />

couple walking through trees

<img src="" alt="couple walking through woods in distance - pre-wedding photography" />

couple walking through woods in distance - pre-wedding photography

<img src="" alt="winter couples photo shoot - pre-wedding photography" />

winter couples photo shoot - pre-wedding photography

<img src="" alt="couple kissing in woods" />

couple kissing in woods

<img src="" alt="coule waling and looking at each other - pre-wedding photography" />

coule waling and looking at each other - pre-wedding photography

<img src="" alt="couple with horse in field behind" />

couple with horse in field behind


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