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Pre-Wedding Garden Photo Shoot in Kent

A pre-wedding photo shoot is the perfect way to get in some practice couple portraits before the big day. My style of photography is very natural and unposed, but even still the thought of being photographed by a professional photographer can be daunting. I completely get it! Cameras are scary and you feel pressure and awkward as soon as it comes out.

Fear not! This session is designed to help you feel comfortable and relaxed. It's more about us getting to know each other a bit better before the wedding day, so that when it comes to it, we have already built a relationship and feel more like friends. I love chatting to my couples about their wedding plans and ideas and hearing more about them and how they're going to make their wedding day their own. Once we have broken down that initial barrier of being complete strangers, it becomes so much more comfortable for you guys and it also helps me get to know more about who you are and how you connect with each other.

Connection is really important in pre-wedding photography. This is what I am looking for. It's what I need to photograph to really capture the essence of your relationship in your wedding photos. I tend to focus on the natural way that you intertwine with your partner, that you might not even be aware of. It needs to be authentic to you so that it reflects your connection.

For this informal garden pre-wedding shoot, Lauren and Frankie invited me to check out their private wedding venue in Edenbridge in Kent. I didn't know what to expect as it is a friend's family private home who has kindly offered to host the lucky couple's wedding reception in the grounds.

But when I saw it.... WOW!! It is absolutely stunning and has so much opportunity to capture Lauren and Frankie's connection in so many gorgeous locations within the grounds. It's safe to say that I am VERY excited to be capturing this special day on Saturday!

<img src="" alt="couple with bright pink flower pergola" />

couple with bright pink flower pergola

<img src="" alt="couple intimate photo - pre-wedding garden photo shoot" />

couple intimate photo - pre-wedding garden photo shoot

<img src="" alt="couple smiling at each other - pre-wedding garden photo shoot" />

couple smiling at each other - pre-wedding garden photo shoot

<img src="" alt="couple standing in garden pergola" />

couple standing in garden pergola

<img src="" alt="couple walking through gardens" />

couple walking through gardens

<img src="" alt="pre-wedding garden photo shoot - couple walking" />

pre-wedding garden photo shoot - couple walking

<img src="" alt="couple outside house in kent" />

couple outside house in kent


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