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1-2-1 Photography Training for Florists

Yesterday I had such a lovely morning meeting Hannah from Hannah Louise Flowers in Tiptree, Essex. I worked with Hannah last year at a lovely vineyard wedding in Coggeshall where she made the stunning flowers for the day. Before Christmas she contacted me asking for some training on how to take better photos of her flowers and how to achieve that dreamy fine art look.

Having never trained anyone professionally before this was a new but very exciting proposition for me! We scheduled in a date and then I went to Hannah's workshop for the 2 hour training session.

Hannah had prepared a bouquet for the workshop so that she could practice taking photos throughout our session together. We covered the fundamentals of photography and how to understand what your camera is actually doing when you're taking photos so that you have a better understanding of the settings to use that will work best in creating that dreamy, soft look Hannah was going for. Then we went over light- the best type of light to use and what light to try and avoid. I helped Hannah adjust all of her settings on her camera so that she is good to go when she starts shooting, and has the basis ready for achieving the desired look.

Hannah had some time to practice photographing her bouquet, using what she had learnt and putting it into place. Then we uploaded the images to her computer so that we could analyse what was looking good and what needed a bit more working on- which is such a great way of learning.

What was so fab about having the photography training session at Hannah's workshop was that we could have a look around the space that she has and work with it, so I was able to direct her in getting the best out of the areas that she will have to photograph her creations when I'm not there. Location, background and light is key when photographing in this way so this is a huge bonus.

We also talked a bit about composition and getting various different shots out of one bouquet, but still creating very different images. Then we touched on editing. As a florist, and now that she knows how to shoot to achieve the correct look, Hannah won't need to edit much but there are a few tweaks that she may need every now and then that could be really useful. So I shared some simple tricks she could use if she needs to.

The main reason Hannah wanted to improve her photography is for social media purposes so we also discussed social media marketing and I shared lots of tips with her that I know work really well and will hopefully come in handy for her too.

The most important thing about having 1-2-1 training is that it is very specific to your needs, so that you can input it into your business straight away to start seeing the improvements. I think another thing is that we need to keep things simple and effective so that you're not overwhelmed by all the new things you've learnt and you know which things are really going to have the biggest impact. It's easy to get snowed under with all the technicalities of photography but ultimately, Hannah only needs to work on a few things to get where she wants to be with her photography, so I tried to keep it specific and relevant for her.

I absolutely loved this workshop and I hope Hannah got some useful tips for her photography and for her business. Hannah thank you so much for having me! It was an absolute pleasure and I look forward to seeing your photography improvements. Hopefully we get to work together again soon at a wedding!

Also, how AMAZING is Hannah's workshop?! Seriously, so much pretty going on! That's one creative lady right there. I couldn't resist taking photos of all the details. You know you're onto a winner when your florist has this much attention to detail.

If you're interested in having a 1-2-1 photography training session with me, feel free to drop me an email at or contact me here.

<img src="" alt="lady taking photos of wedding bouquet" />

lady taking photos of wedding bouquet

<img src="" alt="2 photos of wedding bouquet flowers" />

2 photos of wedding bouquet flowers

<img src="" alt="photo of bouquet- how to take better photos of flowers" />

photo of bouquet- how to take better photos of flowers

<img src="" alt="florist taking photos of her flowers" />

florist taking photos of her flowers

<img src="" alt="photo of wedding bouquet- photography training" />

photo of wedding bouquet- photography training

<img src="" alt="close up photo of roses in bouquet" />

close up photo of roses in bouquet

<img src="" alt="florist taking photos in her workshop" />

florist taking photos in her workshop

<img src="" alt="ribbons on bouquet of flowers" />

ribbons on bouquet of flowers

<img src="" alt="laptop while florist edits her photos" />

laptop while florist edits her photos

<img src="" alt="wreath of pink flowers" />

wreath of pink flowers

<img src="" alt="florists workshop" />

florists workshop

<img src="" alt="florists workshop photos" />

florists workshop photos

<img src="" alt="plove plant pots in florists workshop" />

plove plant pots in florists workshop

<img src="" alt="succulents in a pot" />

succulents in a pot

<img src="" alt="hannah louise flowers florist sign" />

hannah louise flowers florist sign

<img src="" alt="photos hanging on wall in wedding florist workshop" />

photos hanging on wall in wedding florist workshop


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