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Pancake Making Family Photo Shoot - Essex

Family Photo Shoot Making Pancakes

What's the best day of the year? Christmas? Birthday? Anniversary?

WRONG!! Pancake day is THE BEST day you guys!! Come on, how can you beat a good pancake mixed with all the fun of making them yourself? Plus ALL THE TOPPINGS.

That's why I was so excited about this family pancake making photo session at home. The kids were totally up for making a big pancake mess and then decorating and eating their sweet creations. Such fun! And such a great way to make family memories. How many great memories do you have of making pancakes as a kid with your parents? I literally love those memories and it reminds me of all the good things about being a kid.

So we got cracking and the kids did a great job of weighing out the ingredients and knocking up the mix- then Nanny had to come to the rescue because we failed to have a whisk anywhere in the house haha. It was almost a pancake disaster with lumpy mix! But obviously Nanny has ALL the kitchen utensils at hers so she popped round to the rescue.

Mum flipped the pancakes- and for her first time ever, she did a pretty good job! We all know how it could have gone terribly wrong haha.

When the pancakes were ready the kids went for ALL the toppings! I'm taking syrup, strawberry sauce, sugar, chocolate drops AND squirty cream. I literally don't think there was a topping Jenson didn't go for on his haha. And Lexie being Lexie spent ages carefully arranging each chocolate drop and sprinkle and using the sauce to create a pancake masterpiece.

Here's all the fun we had capturing this family pancake making photo shoot at home. I can't wait for pancake day now!!

What's your favourite topping?

Pancake Making Family Photo Shoot - Essex

kids making pancakes at home

adding the milk to pancakes

little girl dipping finger into jar

Pancake Making Family Photo Shoot - Essex

little girl squirting cream into her mouth

kids playing with squirty cream

little girl with mouth full of food

kids messing about making pancakes at home

little boy with squirty cream on his face

little boy making funny face with cream on nose

Pancake Making Family Photo Shoot - Essex

mum flipping pancakes at home

mum flipping pancakes with kids

pancake day family photo shoot

little boy smiling and waiting for pancake

little girl decorating her pancake

Pancake Making Family Photo Shoot - Essex

kids eating their home made pancakes


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