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Natural Newborn Baby Photos at Home- Sienna

How gorgeous is baby Sienna?! I could just eat her up! And that hair!! So, so adorable.

I loved capturing these natural photographs of baby Sienna and Mum and Dad- Pia and Petros, at their home within the first week of Sienna's life. It really is a magical time for any parents and passes so unbelievable quickly! So having been gifted this session by a friend of Pia, it was the perfect opportunity to capture such precious memories of this overwhelming time.

Those early days right after you give birth are full of transition, exhaustion and beauty. This is why I feel these lifestyle newborn photography sessions are so important. Newborn babies change literally every single day. You can't keep up with them and it's easy to forget just how tiny and squidgy they once were.

These natural sessions take place in your home usually within 2 weeks of birth. Unlike posed newborn baby photography sessions, there are no studio lights, no backdrops, or props. Your newborn baby doesn't have to be asleep for these sessions. It's all about capturing them and life at home, in an authentic way and remembering them as they were at this early stage of life.

These lifestyle newborn photography sessions are not completely documentary as I can assist and direct slightly to get the very best out of you for your newborn photography session. But they are designed to be an authentic reflection of life at home with your newborn baby. They are relaxed and stress free and it really is a time for you to enjoy and look back on with fond memories.

The best thing about these newborn photography sessions is that they are so timeless too. This means they will never date, because love and connection is always in fashion!

mum holding her baby - natural newborn baby photos at home

dad holding his baby daughter

dad winding baby girl

newborn baby laying on sofa at home

baby cuddling teddy - natural newborn baby photos at home

baby girl cuddling soft duck

newborn baby sleeping

newborn baby yawning - natural newborn baby photos at home

dad looking down at baby girl in arms

newborn baby girl asleep in cot

baby girl asleep in cot - natural newborn baby photos at home

newborn baby legs in cot

mum and dad with baby girl in nursery

mum kissing newborn baby's head with dad

If you're interested in booking a newborn photography lifestyle session, please drop me an email via the contact form to check my availability around your due date.


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