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Lifestyle Baby Photography Session - Chelmsford

What is lifestyle baby photography?

Lifestyle baby photography is all about capturing everyday activities in your natural environment. It's all about the connection and love that family members have for this new life.

Why have a lifestyle baby photography session?

A lifestyle session is such a real and honest way of capturing such a precious time in your lives. This time with your little baby will fly by so quickly and before you know it, they will be grown up and doing their own thing. Cherish that time and remember it with authentic photographs that will last forever and remind you of how you felt and all those cheeky smiles and character traits your little one had at that age.

Where are lifestyle baby photography sessions held?

It's important that these sessions are held at your home- your everyday environment. These lifestyle sessions are meant to be a snippet of real life so that you can look back at your photographs and remember those early days with your new baby with authenticity. Usually the master bedroom, nursery and living areas work best.

What are lifestyle baby photography sessions like?

When I arrive, I'll scout out some nice locations around your home for photos. Then we will move around the home together capturing special moments with each family member and the baby, as well as the family all together. It's a very relaxed session with no posing involved. You will do the things you do everyday with your baby- cuddles, kisses, feeding etc. I will simply document the moments.

How long do lifestyle baby sessions last?

They tend to last between 1.5- 2 hours and we go completely at your little ones speed. So if baby needs feeding/ settling please take your time, there is no rush.

What's the process to book?

If you wanted to book a lifestyle baby or family photography session you simply need to send me a message with the dates you’d like to book for.

Once a date and time have been confirmed the session fees are required to confirm the booking.

Following the session, I come back to your home, usually around a week later, to show you the finished images. This is when your viewing and ordering session takes place and you can select which products and images you would like to order from your session.

I hope that this answers all of your questions regarding lifestyle baby photography, but please do let me know if you’d like any more information! You can contact me here

mum and dad in nursery with new baby

baby laying in cot

mum and dad with baby in nursery - chelmsford lifestyle photographer

baby boy laying on blue patchwork blanket

baby boy with mum and dad - chelmsford lifestyle photographer

baby boy laughing on bed

dad holding baby boy over shoulder - chelmsford lifestyle photographer

little baby in teddy bear dressing gown - chelmsford lifestyle photographer

mum holding baby boy


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