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Knot Your Average Bride- Fashion Forward Hair and Make-Up Artist

I met the lovely Zoe Newing from Knot your Average Bride at the Essex Wedding Breakfast Club which is a fab wedding suppliers networking group. Hearing her ethos for the fashion forward and real looking bride I knew we had to chat! This natural and modern day style is what I absolutely LOVE for bridal hair and make-up and what most of my brides love to go for too!

So I decided to interview the very talented Zoe to help you lovely ladies decide what's important for your hair and make up on your wedding day. And here's what she's all about:

What makes you different in the bridal hair and make-up industry?

For a long time, particularly when training in Wedding Hair + Makeup, I thought I wasn't as good as other artists as I wasn't creating these seamless, perfect and sleek styles that seemed to be so popular at the time. It wasn't until I started playing with more natural and textured techniques that I decided I wanted, no, NEEDED to create Hair + Makeup with more 'Personality' and in fact, I didn't want it to be perfectly sleek, I wanted the styles to be 'REAL' . I also wanted the styles to be low maintenance because after all, on the day of my own Wedding, the last thing I wanted was to worry about was my perfectly sleek hair falling out of place. I was hoping that there might be others out there like me and so came the birth of ‘Knot Your Average Bride’ To cut a long story short (god I do waffle!) I think I offer a very real and very natural service that perhaps breaks the average ‘Bridal Hair + Makeup mould. My Hair + Makeup creations celebrate ‘enhancing’ rather than ‘hiding’ features.

What kind of styles do you love to create for brides?

I love looking at classic Wedding Hair + Makeup trends and updating them so that they are still timeless but with more of a modern edge. My favourite hairstyle at the moment is a simple textured low bun paired with a simple hair accessory. My favourite makeup style is fresh dewy skin teamed with creamy soft pink blusher for the 'traditional' blushing bride but with a modern, fresh twist.

If a bride wants a particular look, would you recommend them getting some images together to show you?

Absolutely, I think sharing inspiration photos and having visuals is helpful for both myself and my Bride and it instantly gives us an insight not only into the style of the bride but also the style of the wedding as a whole. For me, it's a part of the whole bonding process too!

How far in advance do brides need to book their hair and make-up with you?

As Knot Your Average Bride continues to evolve I would say most bookings come in around 10 months prior to the Wedding date however I’m now planning to expand and create a small Knot Your Average Bride ‘Tribe’ so that if I’m not personally available, I can recommend someone suitable. It's cool to be kind kids!

Would you recommend having a hair and make-up trial?

Yes, definitely! I believe the whole point of having a Hair + Makeup Artist is so that you can look and FEEL amazing on the day of your Wedding. Not having a trial means you have no certainty of how you’re going to look, how the products are going work on you or how well you’re going to connect with your Hair + Makeup Artist. For me, a trial is essential for both myself and my Bridal client not only for creating the perfect look but also for getting to know one another.

How long does hair and make-up on the day take?

I usually allow an hour for hair and an hour for makeup for my Bride on the day of the Wedding as well as providing a time schedule for the bridal party that can be amended to fit my clients needs. Hair + Makeup is a luxury and I want my clients to really embrace that and enjoy the whole experience without feeling rushed or stressed. The morning can go by quickly so I see the Hair + Makeup process as a good way for my clients to sit back and take everything all in (whilst looking absolutely FABULOUS of course!)

How would a bride need to prepare for this?

No need for the Bride to prepare, as part of the Knot Your Average Bride service I provide a time schedule for the entire morning so that the Bride and her Bridal party doesn’t have to think or worry on the day of the Wedding. The time schedule can of course be amended to suit my Bride and her Bridal party to ensure the entire morning runs seamlessly.

What if they have sensitive skin?

During the initial consultation, I ask my client if herself or her Bridal party has any sensitivities so that prior to the day of the Wedding, I can prepare for this by using certain products that I know are suitable. If you’re really worried though, It’s always a good idea to pack some of your favourite products that you know work for you as a back up option!

Will it be yourself or someone else at the wedding?

It most certainly will be me looking after you and if you’re having a lot of services between the entire bridal party, I also provide assistants that can help ensure the smooth running of the morning. If I am already booked on your desired date (it hurts my soul when this happens!), I offer a list of recommendations that I feel could be suitable.

What advice can you give a bride-to-be looking for the perfect hair and make-up artist for their wedding day?

The best advice I can give is to really do your research and don’t be afraid to ask questions. It’s not just about the final look, it’s about how well you connect with your chosen artist. They’re with you on the most important day of your life so make sure you feel comfortable with them as well as trusting them with your chosen style.

Are brides able to see recommendations from previous brides to reassure them that you are the one for them?

Definitely, I’m always really honoured when a Bride takes time to review my work and since the majority of my work comes through previous clients, I absolutely love being able to display their kind words on my website. Read away ladies!

How important do you think it is to have a professional hair and make-up artist for a bride? As opposed to perhaps doing it themselves or having a non-professional friend do it for them?

I honestly can’t recommend having a professional enough not only because you can guarantee you looking amazing on the day of your Wedding but because their experience is invaluable. As a professional, they have been in the business a long time and are therefore prepared for almost any potential hiccup imaginable. It’s really reassuring to have someone there with experience to really ensure that you can completely relax and enjoy your special day.

What would you say a bride should expect to pay for a quality hair and make-up artist?

This really does depend on your location as well as plenty of other factors so it’s a difficult one to pinpoint. I would say on average, for an experienced Hair + Makeup, artist you’re looking at around at least £200+ for the Bride.Just remember, it’s not just the Hair + Makeup on the morning of the Wedding your paying for, it’s all the communicating beforehand, the quality of your artists kit, the follow up, the product recommendations and most of all, the experience. I really do believe you get what you pay for in most cases but do your research and go with what feels right for YOU.

What will happen if you cant make it on the day?

This is a great question and has always been one of my biggest anxieties and thankfully has NEVER happened. As a professional Hair + Makeup Artist I am very well connected with lots of other artists and would therefore (god forbid this ever happen) be able to try and find someone to stand in for me. If this wasn’t possible, a full refund would be provided and I would do my absolute best to try and help the best way I could. Unfortunately there is obviously no guarantee that this won’t happen, life can be cruel at times but it would honestly have to be a life or death situation to stop me from getting to my Bride!

I hope this helps inform your decision when choosing the perfect hair and make-up artist for your wedding day. You can check out Knot you Average Bride here and get in touch with Zoe to book your hair and make up for the big day!


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