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I had a fantastic time photographing the lovely Denham family back in April. They kindly invited me to their home to take some natural family photos of them and their children as a gift to their own parents. There were 5 young children- all cousins, to work with! Which is potentially challenging haha. But the kids were awesome and I had a wonderful couple of hours working with them all and capturing their cheeky smiles and natural moments whilst playing in the garden.

I just love documenting every day activities with families at their homes. It's so authentic and true to them and their memories which for me, is the most important aspect of photography and photographing children in particular. The kids clearly love playing in Nan and Granddads huge garden, with the swings and playhouse to enjoy. We let the kids run around and play as they would whilst I captured some cheeky and beautiful moments of them all. The adults soon relaxed too and we ended up capturing some beautiful candid moments between the family that even they were not aware of.

The family now all have some wonderful photographic memories they can cherish forever- which is the best part of this job- documenting lifetime memories which mean so much to people.

Thanks to all of the Denham family for being so welcoming and friendly. I had a blast working with you all and I hope I get to see you all again at some point in the future.

To book a natural family photo shoot with me at your home, simply get in touch to check availability and we can get you booked in! My email is or feel free to give me call on 07706251262. There is more information about family photo sessions here too.

<img src="" alt="little girl in garden" />

little girl in garden

<img src="" alt="baby boy sitting in high chair" />

baby boy sitting in high chair

<img src="" alt="little girl peeking out of her play house" />

little girl peeking out of her play house

<img src="" alt="5 small children sitting on garden bench" />

5 small children sitting on garden bench

<img src="" alt="baby boy with teddy bear hat on" />

baby boy with teddy bear hat on

<img src="" alt="little girl picking flowers in garden" />

little girl picking flowers in garden

<img src="" alt="baby boy looking at camera in dads arms" />

baby boy looking at camera in dads arms

<img src="" alt="little girl cuddling her baby cousin" />

little girl cuddling her baby cousin

<img src="" alt="dad holding baby boy's hands" />

dad holding baby boy's hands

<img src="" alt="little girl hugging mums leg" />

little girl hugging mums leg

<img src="" alt="little girl with pig tails" />

little girl with pig tails

<img src="" alt="uncle pushing girl on swing" />

uncle pushing girl on swing

<img src="" alt="cousins playing on swings together" />

cousins playing on swings together

<img src="" alt="little boy standing up in garden" />

little boy standing up in garden

<img src="" alt="niece playing with her uncle in garden" />

niece playing with her uncle in garden

<img src="" alt="man swinging little girl round in garden" />

man swinging little girl round in garden

<img src="" alt="big scruffy dog walking" />

big scruffy dog walking

<img src="" alt="family playing in garden with dog" />

family playing in garden with dog

<img src="" alt="little girl being thrown up in air" />

little girl being thrown up in air

<img src="" alt="little girl laughing with easter egg in hand" />

little girl laughing with easter egg in hand

<img src="" alt="kids sitting in bay window together" />

kids sitting in bay window together

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