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Autumn Lifestyle Pumpkin Patch Family Photo Session

Happy Halloween! You have to go check out Foxes Farm Produce Pumpkin Patch in Basildon next year if you haven't made it there this year already! It's so much fun picking pumpkins and who knew there were so many varieties?!

Last week I went to Foxes Farm in Basildon with my brother, sister-in-law and niece and nephew for some pumpkin patch fun. It was grey and drizzly but with thick coats and wellies, kids do not give a damn! When we arrived, we picked up our wheelbarrow and Jenson - who is 3, insisted on having his own one to push around haha. Which took a while because a wheelbarrow is a big item for such a little man to push around on an uneven surface! But the kids absolutely loved it. There were so many pumpkins to choose from! We walked around the whole farm while the kids selected their favourites to put in their barrows and take home to carve.

Afterwards we discovered the corn field and the kids love running between the rows. Then they played endlessly on the hay stacks with all the other kids- jumping off them and climbing to the top of the tower. Even though it was raining by then, the kids had the best time. All in all- a great morning out!

It's such a fun Autumn activity for kids to get involved in! And it doesn't stop there. When they got home, the kids got to carve their designs out and put them on the doorstep ready for the trick or treaters to come. They prepared their trick or treat sweets and goody bags and got their halloween costumes ready for their parties.

Here are a few shots of my lovely niece and nephew enjoying the Foxes Farm Produce Pumpkin Patch last week...

photo of green pumpkins

little boy with wheel barrow at pumpkin patch

father and daughter walking through pumpkin patch

boy pushing his wheelbarrow at pumpkin patch

pile of pumpkins at pumpkin patch

boy holding pumpkin - pumpkin patch family photography

brother and sister with wheelbarrow

family photography at pumpkin patch

little girl with pumpkins in wheelbarrow

brother and sister walking through pumpkin farm

boy pushing wheelbarrow at pumpkin farm

father and daughter pumpkin picking

mother and son pumpkin picking

family photo at pumpkin picking farm

family pumpkin picking - essex family photography

pile of orange pumpkins

girl walking through corn field

boy pushing wheelbarrow through cornfield

girl running through cornfield

boy walking through cornfield

girl with pumpkin in cornfield

little boy in cornfield - essex family photos

boy smiling next to hay stacks

boy jumping off hay stacks

brother and sister climbing on hay stacks


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