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Autumn Family Photography Essex

autumn family photography essex

At the end of last year I spent a lovely few hours with this gorgeous lot - Kyle, Dee and their two beautiful children. We ventured out to Danbury Country Park, Chelmsford and whilst the little ones laughed, ran wild and generally had a whale of a time I captured all their antics.

I’ve known Kyle and Dee for years, I’ve photographed lots of their family weddings and we regularly bump into each other at celebrations. It was so nice to catch up with them, meet Ellie-May and Viktor properly and create some stunning autumn family photography.

Natural, outdoor family photography

Danbury Country Park is ideal for natural family portrait shoots. With acres of gardens, ancient woodlands and wildflower meadows, we’re really spoilt for choice with locations and backdrops. Children are free to explore which is perfect for my relaxed and informal style of photography. No awkward posing or forcing them to “smile at the camera!”, I want you all to have fun and, most importantly, be yourselves!

I just adore the rich colours and golden light that autumn brings, it’s one of my favourite seasons and is perfect for photoshoots. The changing hues of the trees make for beautiful backdrops while children love finding piles of leaves (perfect for throwing!) and if we come across a few puddles to splash about in then even better!

I like to keep everything nice and simple on a natural family portrait shoot, I’ll find the nice light, the perfect spot and capture you all as you are. The snuggles, the giggles and the adventures. Ellie May and Viktor had so much fun playing in the long grass of the meadow. I loved seeing how Ellie-May interacted with her baby brother. She was the perfect big sister making sure Viktor was entertained and keeping him laughing. Interactions between siblings - the touch of a hand, a mischievous grin, a tickle - are the real, genuine moments that I love to capture and that families adore looking back on in years to come.

family photos in essex
photo of family in country park
little boy sitting by log in autumn
little girl jumping in autumn leaves
little boy looking over mums shoulder
autumn family photography essex
family photo in autumn
brother and sitting sitting on log
little girl in autumn photo
family photo in Danbury country park
autumn family photos essex
daughter sitting on mums lap

Family portraits

After the last 12 months family photography has become even more important. So much has taken place behind closed doors. Grandparents and other wider family members have missed out on seeing children grow and change. Birthdays and milestones have been shared over Zoom rather than in person. Capturing these changes, those authentic, fleeting moments, is such a privilege and I am so looking forward to meeting up with families again and creating some beautiful memories for more autumn family photography in Essex

If you’d like to book your natural, outdoor family shoot then please get in touch, I’d love to hear from you.


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