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Natural Family Photos at Home, Crouch End

baby boy crawling and smiling

In September I had the pleasure of returning to the Gold household for another natural family photo shoot at home, after the addition of baby Ezra. I originally met Vicki and Simon in 2017 when their first born, Selma was just a few months old and I photographed them at their lovely home in Crouch End together. Two and a half years later and I'm back to photograph them with baby Ezra- the cutest and most chilled little boy ever.

Natural Family Photography at Home
natural photo of baby boy looking through bars of cot
brother and sister playing with dolls house

Firstly, how cool are Selma and Ezra's bedrooms?! They are so beautifully done and I wish my bedroom was half as cool as theirs are! haha

To capture these natural family photos at home, we started in Selma's bedroom and slowly moved around the house, utilising Ezra's nursery, the master bedroom and the gorgeous living area. We just let the kids play in the bedrooms and allowed them to get away with a few naughty things they're not usually allowed to do- like jump on the bed haha. But really, I just want them to feel comfortable and be themselves for these natural family photos at home. This is the best way to capture their genuine expressions and portray the real side of the family and their connections.

photo of little girl standing in cot
natural photo of kids playing in nursery
documentary photo of kids playing at home

In the master bedroom, I asked Vicki and Simon to interact with the kids and just play with them, cuddle them etc. Ezra was a little diamond and was so good throughout the session. He was quite happy to play and laugh with Mum and Dad and Selma. We just had to keep an eye on him because he is super fast on all fours haha!

photo of mother and baby looking in mirror
natural photo of Mum hugging daughter
Natural Family Photography at Home

Selma took a little warming up but once she was used to me being there with the camera she was a little darling. We got some fantastic photos of her and Mum playing together which I feel really reflects their true relationship and are such lovely memories for them to look back on.

You can also view Selma's natural family photo shoot at home in Crouch End here on the blog.

If you would like some more information on having your very own natural family photo shoot at home, just get in touch with me via the contact form.


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