Secret Retreat- Destination Wedding Photography 2


During my time in Italy I learnt a lot about photographing destination weddings and thought it would be really useful to share this information with bride and grooms. So here are some tips when planning your destination wedding:

1. Pick your perfect location. When choosing your destination wedding location, don't forget to focus not just on the beauty, style and mood of the venue and location but also the travel time  and budget required to pull it off.

2. Pick the right time of year for your chosen location. Don't forget some countries have rainy and hurricane seasons so it's best to research and make sure you're booking at the best time. Also you may want to avoid having your destination wedding during the hottest seasons so that you can be more comfortable with the heat.

3. Find out whether your ceremony site is truly private. Don't be caught out, ask lots of questions and ask to see photos from all angles of your ceremony site, as sometimes it is situated on a public beach/ overlooked by the rest of the hotel guests.

4. Have a plan in case your dress gets creased during the travel. Ask your venue if they have a steamer and check your dress over before the day so that you're not worrying it on the wedding day.

5. If you want to visit alternative locations for your destination wedding photography, check if you need permission to do this first. It's a great opportunity to visit different locations with your photographer to get some amazing destination wedding photography. Some locations however, will not always permit commercial or wedding photography on site, so its worth checking before you make arrangements.

I hope this gives a bit of insight into just a few things to consider when planning your destination wedding abroad.

This post features the gorgeous Chloe and Michael who are a real couple from Liverpool, and had just tied the know a few months beforehand. This shoot was set up in the gorgeous rustic town of Castellabate in Italy. Thank you guys for being so much fun and having SO MUCH patience haha! It was an incredible week and it was so lovely to meet you both.

Check out a few of my fav photographs! You can also see Antonio and Sissi's Italian wedding styled shoot here.

If you're planning your destination wedding and are looking for a UK wedding photographer to travel and capture this for you, I would love to chat to you. I LOVE to travel and photographing destination weddings is an absolute dream of mine. Drop me an email to tell me more about your plans.

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