Autumn Engagement Photography Session at St Paul's


Scott and Kathryn chose a gorgeous Autumn day for their London engagement photography session. I joined them at St Paul's Cathedral, where Scott actually proposed to Kathryn! I had such a great time with them exploring the beauty of this busy yet quaint area of London.  The weather was a bit risky but actually made for some beautiful autumnal shots. I couldn't wait to photograph their wedding after such a great session together! Thanks for being a blast Scott and Kathryn!

I thought this would be a good opportunity to offer you some London engagement photography session tips. So here they are:

1. Location- I love the fact that Scott and Kathryn actually got engaged here so it is very special to them and these photos will be cherished even more for that reason. So choosing a location that holds meaning for you is a great start. It could be somewhere you had your first date, a picnic spot you love or somewhere you love to go for a walk. There are so many beautiful spots in London that would make a great back drop for an engagement photo shoot.

2. Time of year/day. I LOVE seasonal engagement photo shoots. So- winter, all wrapped up in your warm coats, hats and clothes, a gorgeous Autumnal photo shoot like Scott and Kathryn's makes for beautiful orange-yellow tones, or Spring, when the flowers and blossom are popping up and the weather is beginning to become more welcoming. At least a few months prior to your wedding is best. 

In terms of time of day- late afternoon/ early evening generally has the best soft light. If its an over cast day, any time works great.

3. What to wear. It's important to wear something appropriate to the weather and London engagement session location. Choose something that you feel confident and comfortable in so that you are relaxed throughout the session and can look back on your photos and always love what you're wearing. Try not to bring a handbag with you if you don't want it in the photos, as there will be nowhere to put it in London during the shoot. Keep your essentials minimal so that you don't have stuff bulging out of trouser pockets too!

In terms of colours- try to coordinate with your partner, but not completely match. I find neutral colours usually work well but if you love a pop of colour, you should totally go for it!. Try to avoid big logos or slogans though as these can be distracting.

4. Activities. Perhaps there are activities that you can do at your chosen London engagement photo shoot location. Maybe you can hire a boat to row in a London park or have ice cream and a picnic. Think of it as a date! Any ideas you have I'd love to hear.

5. Have fun! First and foremost, this London engagement photography session is about you guys spending time together and having fun. Relax and enjoy the session!

Check out some of the images form Scott and Kathryn's autumnal London engagement photo shoot...