Pre-Wedding Photo Session at Hylands Park


A pre-wedding photography session is where we meet up at a location of your choice before your wedding day and have some natural photographs taken. It's a really relaxed session and is more about us getting to know each other a bit better before the day. We can chat about wedding plans, or just life in general. It's kind of like a trial run for the wedding day in that I can get a feel for how you two naturally connect with each other and you can get an idea of how I work. It's actually really fun and you may find that you enjoy actually setting some time aside to spend together amongst the craziness of all the wedding planning!

So here are 5 reasons to consider a pre-wedding photo shoot...

1. The thought of having your photo taken scares the hell out of you and you instantly feel awkward.

I get you! Trust me, I am the exact same. Having your photo taken can seem daunting, but this is something we aim to overcome during your pre-wedding photo shoot. The whole session is designed to help you to relax. It's all about your connection and the way you naturally interact with one another, so there will be no awkward posing I promise! And by the time the wedding day comes around, you will know what to expect and it will all be so easy and natural for you!

2. Create your wedding stationery/ keepsakes.

Creating invitations/save the dates using your pre-wedding photography session images is such a great way to make use of these lovely memories. I also offer a signing book for your guests or a signing frame creating from your images. This is such a lovely keepsake to remember your guests comments on the day.

3. We can get to know each other better.

I love getting to know my clients better on a more personal level than simply turning up on the day to photograph your wedding. It really does make a difference to me that we can connect on more of a friendship level and often means I keep in touch with a lot of clients after the day. It's more than just a job, it's personal and I love that.

4. So that you can enjoy a fun date together!

It's not all posing and focusing on having your photos taken. It is about you two spending time together. I want to capture the real you, in a way that you would normally spend time together on a date, or a walk over the park with your dog, or even just chilling at home together. It's about having fun and enjoying each other too.

5. It gives you solid memories of a remarkable time and place in your lives.

Getting engaged is such a huge stepping point in your lives. It can feel so exciting and overwhelming and so is the perfect time to capture and remember such powerful emotions. Having your pre-wedding photos taken at a location that is both meaningful to you and your fiancé creates memories that you can cherish forever. You could have your shoot in the place where you had your engagement, first date, or somewhere you like to visit together. 

Here are a few images taken at Sarah and Jeff's pre-wedding photo shoot this year...