Cake Smash Photography Session - Chelmsford


I absolutely loved capturing Imogen's first birthday cake smash photography session! It was so nice to see how she's grown since I last saw her for her newborn session. And what a beautiful little princess she's become! She was so lady-like with the cake and rather than destroying it face first like many babies, she picked at it so delicately and gently! Often, this is a babies first time experiencing cake, so its always fun to see how they react to the smell, taste and feel of it. It's a very new and exciting activity for babies.

Luckily the weather was perfect, so we set up this cute little set in the shade in Admiral's park in Chelmsford for her Cake Smash Photography session. I love the idea of having these sessions outdoors because you don't have to worry too much about mess firstly! Also, theres plenty of space if baby decides to crawl or move around. When you're indoors it is much more restrictive with space and obviously you don't want cake all over your furniture! 


Some tips for an outdoor cake smash photography session:

- have lots of wet wipes handy!
- choose a nice shaded spot if its sunny so that baby is comfortable and safe from the sun.
- choose an outfit that you don't mind getting messy obviously- but something simple usually works really well- a pretty dress or even a simple baby grow.
- your back garden usually works best because you have everything you need at home- bathroom etc for cleaning up baby afterwards. If not choose a local park so that you can get home quickly and easily afterwards.


Imogen's cake smash session lasted around half an hour and during that we managed to capture some really cute moments for her parents, Victoria and Andy to cherish forever. Here are some of my favourite photos...

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