Hana's Beautiful Baby Book Keepsake


Saira wanted something as more of a keepsake than a piece of wall art from her newborn photo session of her daughter Hana. She opted for this beautiful Fine Art Baby Book. The book comes standard with a genuine leather/linen cover of your choice and the classic Ivory seen here, is always popular. The inside of the book is created from thick, fine art paper pages which are incredibly soft and smooth to touch, with the images digitally printed directly onto the surface. The pages are lay flat which means you can make the most of the double page spreads without having a break down the middle of the image. The book includes all of the edited images from your session and is such a lovely thing to keep and pass down the generations to come.

Hana will be able to look back at this family heirloom when she is older and share it with her own children which is an incredible thought. This is the reason I believe so strongly in printing in your family photos and having a physical product to take home. The idea of having them for years to come and passing them down the generations is a powerful and emotional thought. Having digital files is all very well but technology changes so quickly that it won't be long before a CD or a USB is even useable any more. And they are so easily lost or damaged that if the files are not backed up, you have lost those memories forever. You hear all the time when people lose their phones how gutted they are, firstly that they have lost all of their photos. All those memories that you had stored on there are gone and you cannot get them back. Please print your photos and keep them safe, they really are invaluable.