Natural Children's Portrait Photography - Elsa


I am soo lucky to have such a lovely job as a location photographer and to have the opportunity to photograph some gorgeous little characters! Including this little princess Elsa...

little girl sitting on chair - family photography essex

Isn't she just adorable!

Elsa's mum Lauren asked me to take some professional photographs of her for Elsa's Nanny's birthday that was coming up. What a lovely idea for a birthday gift! 

I wanted to capture some nice natural shots of Elsa in her own home, doing everyday activities. At first she was very aware of the camera and we had to work hard to keep her occupied in order to capture some beautiful natural shots!

Elsa has THE cutest little girly tipi that came in very useful to capture some lifestyle photographs of her playing and just being herself in the garden.

little girl dressed in fairy costume - Family Photographer Essex

A change of outfits for the model ;)

Elsa has the sweetest little fairy costume and loves dressing up so this was a perfect idea. The secret to capturing these natural poses and expressions was to keep Elsa distracted from the camera and her attention focussed on something else more exciting! Mum and Dad were brilliant at helping out, playing silly games with Elsa, which worked a treat!

girl dressed as fairy - Children Photographer Essex

As a photographer it's great to make use of the whole house and the best light in each room. And by now, Elsa was having great fun!  :) 

little girl playing in her room - Lifestyle Photography Essex
little girl peeping from behind wardrobe - At Home Photographer Essex


girl playing behind cupboard - Natural Photo Shoot Essex

This is what I love most about my job as a children's and family photographer; looking back at the photos after a shoot and seeing those truly real expressions captured on camera, for a family to keep and cherish forever not only as a memory of one day, but as a memory of who this person was at a particular stage in their life.

girl at home - lifestyle Photographer
Romford family Photographer
natural Chelmsford family Photographer

And to finish off the shoot, a lovely family photo! What a stunning little family.

Many Thanks to Elsa and her parents for having me that day. I had a wonderful time. It's so nice to share a brief moment in the life of a lovely family :)